Victoria’s Secret Pink Finally Launches HBCU Collection!

So way back when when The Sassy Peach first launched I told you about Victoria’s Secret’s plan to add some HBCU schools to their Pink Collegiate Collection. Well, they’ve finally done it!

It all began last June when Amelia Reid, a student from Howard University, emailed Victoria’s Secret about their blatant exclusion of HBCU schools from their new collection. According to her, their reply made no indications of any changes to come.

She then took it to Facebook & started a group called “HBCU Ladies Wear Victoria’s Secret Pink Too.” Within a couple weeks the group had over 400 members & served as a platform for people to discuss the issue & express their complaints.

Well lo & behold, on December 23rd 4 new schools (Howard, FAMU, Southern & North Carolina A&T) were added to the Pink Collegiate Collection. While Pink’s CEO insists that Amelia’s email & Facebook group are not what sparked the inclusion of the schools, I can’t help but think that is exactly why! I love it! Way to exercise your rights Ms. Reid!

To view the new additions & to nominate your school for the Pink Collegiate Collection, head on over to

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