* Beauty Tip of the Week *

Finding the Right Foundation Shade

If you’re at a department store…

Swipe three possible matches on your lower cheek or jawline (the shade should closely match your neck as well as your face). Take a mirror and head toward a window or go outside so you can see the hues in natural light. The one that fades into your skin without much blending is the winner. (Now I know you’re like, really? Go outside?! But it will help you ladies!)

If you’re at a drug store…

The trick is to first determine if you are pale, medium, or dark. Once you know your skin tone, use the bottle shade name as a guideline. Dark skin can range from as light as café au lait to as deep as ebony. To prevent a grayish cast, go for colors like tan, sable, or chestnut. Also, African-American women often have oily skin, which can cause their base to oxidize and appear darker when it mixes with oil, so try a foundation that is slightly lighter than your complexion.

Happy hunting!

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