Peach Mail

So we got our first Peach Mail today from reader Shayla. She says, “I need your fashion assistance! I can’t find a cute sweater dress! I am looking for a black fitted one with a cowl neck! Any store suggestions?”

Well Ms. Shayla, The Sassy Peach to the rescue! I think you’ll be able to find one out of the choices I found below!

Do you have a wardrobe query or fashion question? Saw a celebrity rocking a cute outfit & want a similar look? Wondering what boots fashionista Rihanna was wearing?

Then shoot an email to:, with the subject: Peach Mail & I’ll be happy to help you out! Your question just might be featured right here on The Sassy Peach! Don’t be shy!

Well that’s all for today ladies & ‘gents! Have a great weekend & stay warm!


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