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Hey there all you Sassy Peachers! Today is the first interview for The Sassy Peach & it’s with Chicago resident & Howard University grad Melanie Lyke of Rockett Mansion. Read on to learn more!

Sassy Peach: For those who don’t know, tell us about Rockett Mansion.
Rockett Mansion is the idea that people can start wearing handmade things or recycle clothes we already have, introducing a minimalist lifestyle. It’s about finding pieces that are really special, things that you really like & editing out the bs. It’s coming down to to basics that you need. We also take 10% of all to help support non-profit organizations such as childhood literacy programs to AIDS/HIV research & prevention. I like to call it retail therapy with no buyers’ remorse.

SP: Very cool. So how did you come up with the name Rockett Masnion?
Melanie: Well Rockett is my mother’s maiden name & Mansion is this private clubhouse in DC. It’s one of my favorite places ever & I just love it.

SP: What types of items do you carry?
Melanie: Rockett Mansion is mainly vintage but I design some of the pieces myself as well. The pieces are very well preserved & I try to find things that can be translated into now. You’ll be really comfortable & you won’t feel like you’re in a costume. The styles vary from Americana chic to 70s or 80s high fashion.

SP: What made you want to start Rockett Mansion?
Melanie: I had been working in retail since I was 16 at various high end stores & boutiques, & I wanted something of my own. I was tired of working for people & wanted to put stuff out there that I wanted to see. I just wanted to have a store where things could be very fashionable & sold at a reasonable price. You can buy something reasonably priced & look like you paid $300 for it.

SP: Where are your favorite places to find items for Rockett Mansion?
Melanie: Out in the suburbs in Aurora is my favorite area. They have 8 huge warehouse thrift stores & I just go make a day trip out of it. It’s amazing.

SP: How often are new pieces put on your Etsy store?
Melanie: I usually update it every other week with a few items at a time. I eventually would like to start updating it daily.

SP: So where are some cool, hip vintage/thrift stores in the Chicago area?
Melanie: The Wicker Park area on the Northwest Side have a lot of cool places. They have at least 7 or 8 vintage stores on that strip where you can find some pieces you like.

SP: So what’s next for Rockett Mansion?
Melanie: I would like to have pop-up vintage shops. Maybe get an alcohol sponsor, a dj, & just have it be a really nice event. Later down the line I want to open a free standing store, but that will be once I get my paper straight! In that I would like to incorporate a lot of indie designers out of Europe & South America, to bring something new to Chicago.

To learn more about Rockett Mansion & to buy some RM pieces, head on over to her Etsy store!


And for all you lucky readers here in Chicago, Rockett Mansion pieces can be found at Verse in Wicker Park.

Verse Chicago
1821 W. North Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622

***Thanks so much to Melanie for being so gracious & taking the time out to speak with me! ‘Preciate it & you’ve always got a friend & supporter here at The Sassy Peach!***

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