DVF to Design Michelle Obama’s Inaugural Gown??? + Alexander McQueen Wants to Spread the Love

* I have been seething lately wondering just who First Lady Michelle Obama will wear to the Presidential Inaugural Ball. Seems like Diane Von Furstenberg might be the one…

NY Mag blog, The Cut reports that Diane stated, “Well, they asked me to. Of course, everybody has. I’m so proud to be an American. Otherwise, right now we would all be so depressed.” (I have to say I agree with her. Can you say Depression City?) Anywho, I absolutely l-o-v-e DVF & her gorgeous designs. I say go for it Mrs. Obama!

* I have also been seething over Alexander McQueen‘s soon-to-be line for Tarjay (Target)! Can’t wait! He’s ready to spread his goodness around stating:

“Apart from the East and West Coasts, my company doesn’t have any visibility in the U.S.,” he said. “I always liked the idea of people in the Midwest wearing my clothes. The idea of this upstart from London going where people haven’t heard of me, I think that was interesting to me. I think it’s quite adventurous of Target.”

Here’s a peek at his Target line.

In the words of Rachel Zoe, “I die!”

Sidebar: In the pic on the right the model is wearing Louboutin for Phillip Lim heels. Those babies definitely deserve a “Hel-lo lover” a la Carrie Bradshaw!

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