Clean Up That Makeup

Hey ladies! Ever wonder if that eye shadow in the bottom of your makeup bag is still okay to use? Well here’s your guide to know when to throw it all out!

* Lipstick: 2 years
* Eyeliner: 2 years, but sharpen pencils frequently
* Foundation: 1 year
* Concealer: 1 year
* Face powder: 1 year
* Cream blush or bronzer: 1 year
* Powder blush or bronzer: 1 year
* Eye shadow: 1 year
* Mascara: 6 months
* Liquid eyeliner: 6 months
* Brushes: wash weekly
* Sponges: wash weekly; replace monthly

Print this out & refer to it whenever you need to!

(Also, my Mom used to always say that after I got my hair done to wash my combs & brushes. Another good rule of thumb to follow.)

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