13 Ways To Be A Recessionista

So since the economy has gone boo-boo & times are hard for everyone (especially stylish beauties like you!) I thought I’d let you know how you can still be fabulous on a budget!

1) Save money on magazine subscriptions & stay abreast of the latest in fashion, by reading your fav magazines at the bookstore. Head to your local Borders or Barnes ‘n Noble & get cozy! (My sis does this religiously every Sunday after church.)

2) DIY! Go to your local fabric store & buy a sash of fabric that matches your favorite top. Tie it around the collar & you’ve got your very own, now-in-style bow-tie blouse!

3) Dig out your worn down shoes from the back of the closet & give them a sole revival. Take them to a shoe repair store for some new lifts.

4) Raid your Grandmother’s closet! You never know what vintage gems you may find in there. Maybe a great Moschino bag (in pic) or silk scarf?

5) Leave the bad plastic at home. Set a shopping budget & stick to it!

6) No money for a new winter coat? Breathe new life into last winter’s coat by changing the buttons. Military-style buttons will look great for this season & it will feel brand spankin’ new!

7) Ask stores if they offer free alterations or tailoring. A lot of departments stores do, but you won’t know until you ask. Remember fit is key, so getting items tailored makes all the difference.

8) Brush up on your bargaining skills. Trade a dress you no longer wear for your BFF’s heels. Having a clothing swap party with your gal pals is a great way to score new clothes without ever opening your wallet!

9) Make the transition from warm to cold weather by mixing clothes from both seasons. Pair your favorite summer dress or skirt with some statements tights or a cardigan to achieve a hot fall/winter look.

10) You can never have too many friends so become best buds with employees of your favorite clothing stores! You’ll be the first to get the inside scoop on the next major sale & they may get commission! It’s a win-win!

11) Hit up thrift &/or vintage stores in your area. It can sometimes be overwhelming but if you have the patience you might find the perfect blazer to rock over a cute dress! (psst…look for a man’s suit jacket to channel your inner-YSL!)

12) Dry cleaning your clothes can get expensive. Cut down on it by hand-washing at home or try a home dry cleaning kit like Dryel. My Mom introduced me to this stuff & she used it faithfully!

13) Want the hottest designer bag but can’t afford it? Then rent it! Check out Bag, Borrow, or Steal!

I hope these tips keep you chic & fabulous my darlings!

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