Reporting From the Front Lines: Comme des Garcons for H&M

Hey chicas! Today Comme des Garcons for H&M launched so I made my way down to the N. Michigan Ave. location here in Chicago. When I got there I didn’t catch the line outside, but they had pretty much just opened the doors & let me just say that it was ba-nan-as!
People didn’t wast time getting their hands on the clothes & everyone was clumped into one area. It was just madness! While all of that was going on I took to interviewing people. The first young lady I spoke with said she stood in line from about 7:40am until they opened the doors at 9. This was her first time at an H&M collaboration event & she said that people were running, pushing, & shoving when the doors opened. When asked if she got what she wanted, she said no, but that she got her “plan B” item. I like her style!
These CDG fans were serious! They were hounding & hovering over the poor sales associates. When they tried to re-hang clothes people came from everywhere asking what they were re-hanging & if they had their size.
The next girl I talked to caught my attention because she was going around asking people were they going to by items they had in their hands! I was like, wow she is persistent! She had a handful of clothes, but told me she really didn’t get what she wanted. “I wanted a scarf, but some old lady took it,” she stated. Hilarious! This was not her first collab event, she said she also attended the Roberto Cavalli one last year.
After speaking with persistent girl I noticed that people were standing around like ravenous animals to see if someone would put something down. If a customer put something down or even looked like they were about to, the hungry crowd would devour him or her as their meal. (It reminded me of that mall scene in Mean Girls!) No mercy!
The next fight after conquering clothes was for a mirror so people could try on what they scored. Some even skipped going into fitting rooms & just started trying on clothes right there on the floor. This clearly was not a game!
All in all it was absolutely crazy, but fun to watch! I didn’t get anything because I wasn’t too impressed with the collection. Some people left with a bag full of goods, while others left empty handed.
Special thanks & shout-out to the 2 ladies who took time out of their hunt to speak with me–much appreciated!

Update: I found out that one of the ladies I spoke with today is Kei & she also has a blog! Check her out! ; )


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