5 New Fashion Reality Shows For Bravo

The Bravo channel has recently announced the development of 5, yes 5, new fashion & lifestyle-themed reality shows. I’m just about 99.9% sure these were brought to life due to the void left by Project Runway, which may end up on Lifetime (ugh!). The new projects come right behind Fashion House, a fashion designer competition show in which contestants work in teams to to create full clothing lines. Here’s the scoop on the other 5 shows that I’m sure will be just fabulous:

1. Fashionality – Variety reports that this show “will feature New York tastemakers conducting roundtable discussions & interviews on topics centering around pop culture & fashion.” Translation: Similar to Bill Maher’s show & all those political shows with people discussing this & that–only this will be fashion!

2. Celebrity Sew-Off – This “features well-knowns cutting & hemming their own clothes in a design competition.” Translation: Kind of Dancing with the Stars, but with clothes.

3. Double Exposure – “A docu-style series that follows art & fashion photographer Markus Klinko as he shoots his famous subjects.” Translation: Beautiful couture, fierce poses, & awesome photography.

4. Polo – This docu series profiles the lives of top polo players. Translation: I have no clue!

5. The Dubai Projects – This show “showcases the lavish lifestyles found in 1 of the world’s fastest-growing cities.” Translation: $,$,$ & Cavalli’s nightclub!

That’s a lot of TV but I will be checking them out!

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