Red Hot

Bouncing off of the beauty tip for this week, I thought I’d highlight red lipstick.

A red lip screams old school glamour but can totally look modern. But the key to finding the right red for you is undertone. Basically, your perfect red will mimic the same undertones in your skin. So if you have warm undertones, you want to choose reds with an orange or yellow undertone, but if you have cool undertones, blue-based reds are for you. The next thing you’ll want to consider is your skin tone. Lighter skin tones should go for more pinky reds while darker tones look best in more berry reds.

Once you’ve got your red all picked out you’ll want to follow these tips:

1. Use lip liner to prevent bleeding. Start with a moisturizing lip base then line your lips with lip liner & blend. You want to avoid any harsh lines so blend carefully.

2. Dip your index finger between your lips then pull it through so you won’t get that dreaded “lipstick on your pearly whites” look.

3. When going with a red lip, try to keep everything else on your face basic. It’s lips or eyes ladies, not both!


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