Project Dark Circles

Hey there all you fabulous people! How was your holiday weekend? Hope it was a good one! So today I’m going to share with you a new venture. I’ve decided to begin Project “Get Rid of These Dark Circles Under My Eyes!”

I’m only 24 & I have dark circles under my eyes, this is a complete travesty! To aid me in this project I’ve decided to try a new product by Garnier Nutritioniste.

It’s their “Anti-Puff Eye Roller” & it claims that it decongests puffiness & diminishes dark circles. So I’ve chosen to chronicle the results right here on The Sassy Peach for all of you too see. (Can’t believe I’m doing this!) Every week, I’ll upload a new pic of my dark circles & we’ll see if this product really works. I certainly hope it does!

Hey girl! Share your thoughts!