Blush 101

So lately I’ve gained a newfound respect for blush. I love the Apricot color I have by Bobbi Brown. It gives my cheeks just the right hint of color and brightens up my face even on the darkest of days. An essential part to blush application is the brush you’re using. I use M·A·C’s 116 Blush Brush & it smooths color on my cheeks perfectly. Below find your face shape & some tips to help you correctly apply your blush.

Ovale – Apply blush in a circle on the balls of your cheekbones to highlight the natural shape of your face.

Long – Apply in a horizontal line to redefine your natural cheekbone contour. Create a round space under the eyes add volume to your cheekbones.

Rond – Apply in the shape of a traingle with slanting strokes upward to your temples, to make your face appear longer & thinner.

Carré – Apply horizontally from your nose to your temples to get a rectangle that softens the angular shape of your face.

Try this out & have fun with it!

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